Audio Engineer, Percussionist, Composer

Audio Production


The Sounding Board

The Sounding Board is my Project Studio in New Paltz, NY.  I specialize in demo recordings for singer/songwriters and mixing/mastering.  My studio is fully equipped with a host of microphones and preamps, an analog summing system, and countless instruments (both real and virtual) to assist in fully realizing any project.  I have engineered hundreds of sessions and mixed/mastered dozens of albums and E.P.s that can be found on iTunes, Spotify, etc.  

My primary DAW is Pro Tools, but I also have Logic X, Ableton Live 10, Cubase 9.5 Pro, and Digital Performer 9 at my disposal to accomodate any project.  Additionally, I have the capability to record on-location.

For any questions including services/rates, please use the contact form.